Are Green Cleaning Products More Expensive?

Green living is an upwards trend with more people making the switch to greener products. Consumers are now making conscious decisions when it comes to buying products that are safer for them and the environment. However, with still a lower demand than popular conventional cleaning products, the question is if green products are worth the higher price tag.

In some cases, green cleaning products can cost just as much as popular conventional cleaning products. Many factors come into play, especially the long-term benefits, but overall, there is not a significant price difference.

Many believe that green products have unique ingredients which is why they cost so much, while that can be true for some, others are meeting the demand by eliminating the harsh chemicals and replacing them with simpler and effective ingredients like vinegar or citric acid.

What are Green Cleaning Products?

Green cleaning products are effective cleaning solutions developed by environmentally conscious brands that have eliminated toxic chemicals to make products that are safer for humans and the environment. These brands are aware of the impact that harsh chemicals can have on human health, therefore meeting our needs and developing products that we feel comfortable using to keep our homes clean.

For many households, these products are used daily (like all-purpose countertop cleaners) so it’s even more important for people with families because they use them around babies and pets. They don’t produce harmful odors that make you feel unsafe when inhaling or ingesting. Have you ever used Lysol and found yourself holding your breath the entire time? Some people don’t even have large spaces to clean, so a smaller closed space is even more important to use the right ingredients to prevent poisoning.

Green products are also safe for the environment. They are not made of toxic chemicals that will contaminate or pollute waterways. Environmentally conscious green companies also focus on packaging to prevent waste, offering products that can be recycled or reused. Some companies now offer refills in cardboard containers or highly concentrated products that need to be mixed with water to use. Removing water from products makes it lighter therefore reducing carbon emissions.

How do Green Cleaning Products Compare to Popular Conventional Products?

There is not a significant difference in prices comparing green cleaning products to popular conventional cleaning products. Check out this study done by comparing the two, 373 products from 26 manufacturers across 8 product categories were compared. The results showed that in general, green products averaged somewhat cheaper than conventional with the exception of glass cleaners.

Green cleaning products are also cheaper in the long run because they are offered in concentrates. This is great because you get more bang for your buck and you don’t have to repurchase as often, so fewer trips to the store for cleaning products and less waste! The study also mentioned that this would even be great for businesses to save money and improve their work environment for employees because third-party certified green products are sold as institutional-grade concentrates. So if you’re a business owner, it’s something great to look into to make sure not only your home environment is safe but also your work environment as well since most people spend about 40 hours at work each week.

Here are also some comparable prices of all-purpose cleaners from popular brands available at Target.

9 Elements and Mrs. Meyers are about 0.17-0.2 cents/fl. oz more expensive than Lysol and Clorox. Ever Spring however is the same price as Lysol and Clorox at 0.11 cents/oz. Ever Spring and Mrs. Meyers offers products in concentrates which can be cheaper in the long run and last you longer. You can easily reuse their bottles and continue to dilute the concentrates for further use.

9 Elements Multipurpose Cleaner – 18 fl. oz for $5.49 – 0.31 cents/oz

Lavender & Bergamot All Purpose Cleaner – 28 fl. oz for $2.99 – 0.11 cents/oz

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner – 16 fl. oz for $4.49 – 0.28 cents/oz

Lysol lemon Breeze Scented All Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant – 32 fl. oz for $3.59 – 0.11 cents/oz

Clorox Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner – 32 fl. oz for $3.59 – 0.11 cents/oz

As you can see, it’s not that much more expensive to purchase greener products. The benefits you get from them completely outweigh buying the others. They’re easy on the wallet, safer to be around, better for your family, and better for the environment.

Benefits of Making Your Own Green Cleaners

While it’s great to support Green cleaning companies to start increasing demand, another great option, if you don’t want to buy commercially made, is to simply make your own. Common cleaning ingredients are vinegar, apple cider vinegar, castile soap, baking soda, and essential oils. There are many variations of these ingredients with the addition of water.

These ingredients can be purchased in bulk, which means you’ll have a supply that will last you a few months and saves you money. There’s no denying that these natural ingredients are cheaper than commercially available ones, you may even already have them in your home. Plus, you can invest in a glass bottle and continue to reuse it, no more repurchasing and throwing out plastic bottles, less waste!

Making your own cleaning solution is also great because you know what’s in it, you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals since half of those ingredients can be eaten so you know they’re safe. The powerful vinegar odor is sometimes overwhelming but it can be masked by essential oils.

DIY cleaners are also better for your health in the long run. Some toxic ingredients in cleaning products can cause respiratory issues. In the day-to-day cleaning, we may not notice it, but after years and years of inhaling harmful ingredients it might catch on and those medical bills will be way more expensive.

The Takeaway

Greener products may feel more expensive at the moment because it is still a rising trend. More and more brands are catching on to meet our demands so hopefully soon with more people making the switch it will become the new “normal”. Greener products are made with the environment in mind, which means safer, non-toxic, sustainable, less waste, and preserving Earth. It also means these products are made to be purchased less and to last longer. Overall, green products are worth it and will save you money and health issues in the long run.

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